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 Safety Game
How to Play
Players: 2+

  1. Finish all cards in your hand by cancelling out a hazard card using a relevant safe / trump card or vice-versa.
  2. Discuss workplace safety during the game.
27  Hazards
21  Safety
04  Trump Cards
03  Extra Cards
55  Total Cards
  • Give each player a minimum of 5 cards or a maximum of 13 cards, and then place the rest of the cards into the centre deck.
  • To start the game, pick the first card from the main deck and set it in the middle.
  • Throw a relevant safety or hazard card during your turn to eliminate the card that was put in the middle.
  • In the absence of a relevant card, the player may pick a card from the use the trump card if on the trump card.
  • If he or she does not get the required card from the centre deck, the person misses out on their chance and the next player gets to throw the required card if available with them or they will have to pick from the centre deck. 
  • The player who cancels out the card, gets to throw a fresh safe or hazard card. If no player gets the required card to cancel, then the next round with a new card can start.
  • The winner is the player whose cards are played out first. Until the final player with the most cards in hand loses, the game will continue.
  • Tip: Most hazard cards can be defeated using the trump card.
Hazard Examples
ProVR Safety Game_Material Falling from Height Hazard.png
ProVR Safety Game_Welding Hazard.png
ProVR Safety Game_Fire Hazard.png
ProVR Safety Game_Manual Lifting Hazard.png
Safety Examples
Trump Card
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