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Work with us as we re-imagine and reshape the skill building and vocational training landscape in India


Safety Sensitization

Engage | Educate | Sensitize | Change

An integrated trainer-led, immersive, impactful and multi-lingual Virtual Reality (VR) - based safety training solution for on-the-job blue-collar workers covering critical industrial safety processes to drive behaviour change.

ProVR Safety Card Game

Engage | Entertain | Converse | Communicate

Matching risks and hazards with corresponding safety and best practice cards, the ProVR safety card game is designed to identify and discussing safe practices and risk mitigations. Exclusive to the ProVR solution, this interactive group-based card game, designed for workers and shop-floor staff, can spark crucial safety conversations in an informal, play-driven engagement that allows for individuals to step away from hierarchy and reporting, and building a culture of conversation and engagement.

ProVRi - Interactive VR

Learn | Practice | Prevent | Respond

An interactive Virtual Reality (VR) based training solution for SOP, Safety and incident response training.



An interactive, controller-based lifting operations solution (deployed as a VR or standard monitor setup) for training, assessment that will allow workers and industries to train and quantitatively assess a crane operators’ competency.



A scalable and standardized self-paced online frontend / dashboard that integrates data from other Proleaner solutions, along with an interactive e-learning platform for blue collar and white-collar shop-floor staff.



Interactive smartphone applications that gamify safety, HIRA, SOPs, and designed to complement and supplement other Prolearner industrial training solutions.



Group-based, physical / AR based board games and card games for learning about, and understanding incident response, role-based responses and getting a ‘systems-view’ of how everything is designed to fit together. Our card game and board game solutions are also designed to drive conversations around safety, hazards and process training, and facilitate a learning culture.

Industrial Inductions


A self-learning, classroom deployment solution for induction sessions in basic industrial safety and other industry processes.

Custom Solutions


We can leverage multiple elements of our platform to develop customized solutions for your specific requirements.

Products by Prolearner
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