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Industrial Safety Training

An integrated trainer-led, immersive, impactful and multi-lingual Virtual Reality (VR) - based safety training solution for on-the-job blue-collar workers covering critical industrial safety processes to drive behaviour change.

Industry Need

Adherence to safety norms is often a challenge across industries

Staff and workers may not understand HOW to work safely

Cultural and behavioural challenges, including a “chalta hai” attitude

Because of “chalta hai”, massive liabilities when accidents do occur


Transform casual “Chalta hai” attitudes with Virtual Reality (VR) - “Seeing is Believing”

Experience the real hazard

Establish relevance using 1st person on-site 360° VFX videos

Integrated in-module assessment to validate engagement and learning

Robust, quick deployment, trainer device controlled (plug-and-play)





Our Solution
The Most Impactful Safety Training Solution

The ProVR safety training kit is an integrated, trainer-led Virtual Reality (VR) based safety training solution covering critical industrial safety processes across the infrastructure, construction, engineering, energy and oil and gas sectors.

To digitally transform your training,

Building a Culture of Safety: VR for Driving Behaviour Change
  • Distraction-free, immersive 360° VR videos: Provides life-like experience of industrial facilities, unlike conventional videos

  • Engaging content design: Bridges literacy and fluency barriers, enabling comprehension.

  • Experience the hazard: Users experience the feeling of height, depth and hazards (e.g., vertigo, perspective, etc.) in 1st person

  • Establish the Why: Sensitize users to key safety risks and explain WHY safety procedures are structured the way they are

  • Illustrate the How: Walk the users through the correct SOPs

Hazard re-construction 

‘This can happen to me!’

Each video module starts with a 1st person ‘accident’, which the learner experiences in the first person when wearing the headset.

This approach grabs the learner’s attention and drives a sense of ‘this can happen to me!’

Incident re-creation

‘What went wrong?’

In the second part, the video walks the learner through the series of incorrect decisions and actions that led to the accident s/he experienced.

This establishes the need and relevance of the correct SOPs and procedures.

The correct protocols

‘What I should have done?’

The video ends with a discussion / demonstration of the correct procedures that would have prevented the accident in the first place.

This drives home the importance of following the SOPs and using the correct PPE to prevent the accident.




The ProVR Approach

Each VR video module (~4-5 min) is structured into three parts:

ProVR Industrial Safety Training


Integrates training, assessment and reporting

To drive behaviour change



Smartphone application

VR headsets and content

Reporting and analytics

Portable carry case

Safety card game



Easy to deploy,

portable and site ready

The most immersive, effective, scalable Virtual Reality (VR) training experience

18 in-built VR modules + ProVR Platform

  • How does the card game promote a safety culture?
    Shopfloors can often be hierarchical and may not enable open conversations – this may particularly be the case for contract workforce which often has a high churn rate. However, a culture of safety, where hazards and risks are pre-emptively identified, recognized, and addressed requires a degree of comfort, trust and a common vocabulary that enables ease of dialogue across the hierarchy. This may be challenging to achieve using existing tools.
  • How does the game initiate a dialogue on safety?
    The ProVR safety card game, by virtue of being a game (!), allows staff, supervisors, and workers to step away from their ‘work-roles’ and engage in an informal conversation. In our experience, if the supervisor and/or manager invites the staff to a card game, it is met with amusement, curiosity, and openness. While it may take a few minutes for everyone to get comfortable with the new format, very soon, the very act of playing the game allows for conversations to flow. The illustration-rich cards, covering hazards, accidents and the safe practices are designed to guide the players in identifying, recognizing, and articulating the many common causes of accidents and helping all the players discuss what the best practices are, and identify and address common misconceptions.
  • Why is it important?
    Safety is very much a team effort and requires constant vigilance. A culture where everyone is approachable, has a common, shared vocabulary and has discussed common risks, hazards and responses multiple times is a culture that can respond proactively to identify, recognize and address risks and hazards before they convert to accidents. The card game is a very simple but elegant tool to help translate the intent of building a culture of safety into action – one step at a time.
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